The advantages of IP-COM wiring-free solution

The wiring-free series adopts the industry-leading True Mesh technology, each node is connected wirelessly, and the following mesh links are formed between the nodes.

1、No need for industrial survey, directly on-site installation;

When using the wiring-free coverage system, only the wiring-free nodes need to be installed, and the engineer can directly install the equipment, so that it is not necessary to determine the routing path of the network cable through the work survey, thereby saving the time for the survey. If you find that there is not enough coverage, just install a free-route satellite directly in the place where the signal is not good.

In addition, IP-COM free wiring products support ceiling, wall mount, pole, desktop four installation methods, you can freely choose where the signal is not good to install!

2、Wiring free, zero labor, free configuration;

The IP-COM wiring-free solution adopts True Mesh technology, the host and the satellite are connected wirelessly, which not only saves the cost of the network cable, but also saves the deployment time and labor of the network. (almost saving 90% of the total construction time).

When the device is powered on, it automatically discovers other devices in the coverage area and performs automatic networking without any settings.

In addition, the wiring-free system also supports automatic selection of the optimal data transmission link. In the following figure, when the user has data transmission, the system automatically selects the optimal path between the paths D→E→A and D→A for transmission. At the same time, the wiring-free system also supports automatic healing when the E is disconnected, the system automatically sets and transmits the data of the user below D through D→A or D→C→A, thereby greatly improving the stability of the network.

3、Support APP remote management and maintenance, say goodbye to after-sales; 

The wiring-free system can be configured, remotely managed and fault-maintained through the APP, and provides a unified management cloud platform to further facilitate project management.

4、 Super strong seamless roaming, no perception switching Internet access;

The IP-COM wiring-free system supports both active and passive roaming methods. When the user moves from node 1 to node 2, there is no need to manually connect to the network, the wiring-free network will automatically detect the devices, the user will switch to a more signal-free wiring-free node, the users’ network is guaranteed to be uninterrupted during the handover process.

5、 Dual WAN overlay, bandwidth utilization up to 95%;

EW9 supports up to 2 bandwidth overlays and load balancing, and the bandwidth stacking efficiency is as high as 95%. In multi-WAN smart load mode, the device also supports link backup. When one of the lines fails, it does not affect the normal operation of the entire network.