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AC3000 Firmware (Support NAT version) V71.1.1.39_CN 


Release date: 20170410
Version: V71.1.1.39
Release Notes:
1. Add Router function and NAT
2. Add PPPoE,Danymic IP,Static IP internet connection type
3. Add multi WAN and load balance
4. Add bandwidth control and management
AC3000 Firmware (Don't support NAT version) V71.1.1.26_CN 


Release date: 20161014
Version: V71.1.1.26
Release Notes:
1、Add VLan option on
AC3000 Relevant Fit AP Frimware  


Relevant Fit AP Frimware

All the AP works standalone in factory default settings.
It can be managed by AC3000 through Old Firmware AP sector in the System Tools.
If you want to more features enabled by AC3000, please download the rel
AC3000 HD Image  
Download is being updated...