IP-COM Smart Wi-Fi Makes People Connection Boundless

With the rapid development of IT and BYOD, network becomes our daily essential requirement that is changing our life as well as the commercial operation mode. In the 24th edition of Convergence India 2016 expo, India highlights his journey of Digital India and focuses on new-age technologies as well as merging business solutions, enabling to enrich the lives of a billion people.

To seize the commercial opportunity and accelerate the development in the networking challenges, IP-COM zealously continues technology innovation with the mission of maximizing the value of internet connection. What is more, IP-COM keeps the basic principle of openness-to-cooperation and goals of building up easy-to-use, friendly network environment together with partners.

Hereby we sincerely invite you to participate in our convergence exhibition in India during the period of 20-22 Jan, 2016. Here, we will share our all series of network products and solution as well as the successful cases in hospitality, enterprise, education, shopping mall together with our partners.

Also, we are looking forward to your participation and sharing as followings.

●   IP-COM network development strategy in India.
●  Technology discussion and sharing.
●  Media release.
●  Commercial cooperation.

IP-COM Marketing Department

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