IP-COM High-Performance Equipment Training in Bangkok Thailand

Dec 15th 2015.An important network equipment training was held in Bangkok, Thailand. 12 company representatives attended this meeting and finished their products and technology training.


As a network brand in Thailand, Easynet company product manager Tien-ek started IP-COM company presentation for the attendees in the first training meeting. As a global leading network product manufacturer and solution provider, IP-COM grand development attracted many partners who were pleasant to know more about IP-COM in details. After that, Network Engineer Mr. Worraprat made a presentation about complete IP-COM products, including access point, access controller, switch and other accessories. IP-COM products feature in high performance of anti-interference and high capacity. The different kinds of access points can be applied in various environments, such as the indoor and outdoor network environments. Many partners were interested in the wall plate access point design which was suitable for the intensive room networking deployment. Also, different switches caught many partners’ minds, especially the 250m PoE power supply distance made many partners astonished. What’s more, Easynet engineer delivered the products to the attendees and taught them to deploy network with those equipment. By the whole day training, many partners got knowledge of IP-COM products. And they liked the training very much and planned to attend next training again.


People got that IP-COM equipment was designed with easy-to-use features. The Thailand Client Manager Jack said: “we will continue our products and technology training. We will try our best to let more people know about the good network products and new technology. We will make it!”

From IP-COM Marketing Department

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