IP-COM to Present Total Wireless Solution at CES 2014

At CES 2014, IP-COM brings the most advanced and professional products to constitute several total wireless solutions for Business Networking to meet the different needs of your different scenes.

For hotel wireless network, IP-COM recommends using a wireless Access Controller and Fit Access Point deployment. The wireless access controller (CW1000) connects to the core midspan (G1016P) and power AP(W185AP) via Power over Ethernet (POE). IP-COM recommends using divided deployment in guest rooms, to reduce hotel investment costs, and installing in public areas like lobbies, restaurants, and other areas for guest satisfaction and good wireless signal coverage.

For Campus wireless network, IP-COM's regional e-Education solution contains indoor and outdoor wireless coverage. For outdoor, IP-COM recommends using outdoor long-range P2P bridge (P130AP) for remote transmission distance and outdoor wireless coverage AP (P131AP) for large wireless coverage. For indoor, high access-capability AP (H190AP) is for large wireless coverage. IP-COM's e-Education solution integrates education resources into a unified network system where data-intensive digital education resources are available as needed throughout the wire and wireless network. The high-speed, reliable network enables teachers and students to access and use a multitude of education resources anywhere and anytime.

For Shopping mall network, IP-COM recommends wireless all-in-one Access Controller and Fit-Fat Access Point. Dual-Band Fit-Fat AP (F190AP) supports 802.11a/b/g/n standard and MIMO function, which tremendously improve the channel capability and reliability to lower bit error rate. The all-in-one AC (CW3024) power AP and control wireless access authority for unified billing and management.

IP-COM wireless mall solution, through wireless location, not only provide the better wireless network for mall, but also provide value-added services, such as navigation for shops, reverse searching cars, download discount coupon by scan two-dimension code, directed marketing etc.

These professional products and total wireless solutions do better to our smart life, which have attracted many buyers attention. Through CES, IP-COM not only shares the most advanced networking technology and trend with more networking partners, building various cooperate relations, but also let the world knows IP-COM, the independent brand from China.

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