Core Products Operation Training in Easy Network, Thailand

On July 1st, 2015, IP-COM engineer team carried out a training about core products operation for Easy Network engineers and product managers in Bangkok, Thailand. The training included five parts of the presentation, CW1000 introduction, AP software update introduction, demonstration of G3210P working together with W40AP, W45AP, introduction of SE3100 and introduction of networking solution.


The attendees spoke highly of the solution and products after they experienced the function of mail alarm and SSID hidden automatically. Product manager Tien-ek Klongkitkarnka said: “Email Alarm is an outstanding and unique feature. It can inform me automatically. It’s very convenient.” Senior Network Engineer Thananan Phuangchareron said: “SSID will automatically hide when the client number reaches the limit. It’s really awesome to improve the customer’s experience.” 


The attendees got a good knowledge of the IP-COM solution operation through this successful training and they will speed up their promotion of IP-COM solution and make the brand more popular in Thailand in the future.

From IP-COM Marketing Dept.

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