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----- IP-COM 2015 Pakistan Training at ISB & Karachi


At 30th May & 13th Jun. 2015 IMEX, IP-COM authorized national distributor at Pakistan, organized the training to SI partners and customers at Islamabad and Karachi. All attendees have years’ experience at networking industry and would like to work together with IP-COM. 


ISB Training Site


Certificate Authorization & Photo Memorial at ISB

The training includes 4 parts of Product Presentation, WLAN Project Survey & Design Guide, Trouble Shooting and how to configure SSID to VLAN tagging. Through the trainings IP-COM left further impression to the partners for market development and project promotion. The qualified trainees obtained IP-COM Official Certificate Paper and capable to provide solution service of Wireless LAN projects.  


Training Site at Karachi


Solution Analysis & Certificate Authorization & Photo Memorial at Karachi

Based on the positive feedback from partners we feel more confident of IP-COM growth at Pakistan. Number of attendees also expect for more professional trainings like this so that they can learn more about IP-COM and offer optimum solution to their customers. The training is an important and effective way for project business and IP-COM also cares about this part and will bring more valuable meetings. 

IP-COM will keep updating professional training courses to worldwide partner and customer so as to building up IP-COM brand together. 

By the way IP-COM will attend the 15th ITCN ASIA during 15-17 Sep. 2015 at Karachi, Pakistan, and here we warmly welcome your visitation.


From IP-COM Marketing Department

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