IP-COM 2015 Indonesia Initial Training at Jakarta

----- Course of Being Profession & Become Expert

At 28th April 2015 IP-COM together with local partner organized the first training class at Jakarta, Indonesia by IPTC (IP-COM Product Training Center). All attendees are mainly from Jakarta and surrounding cities with years’ experience at networking industry. 

The class includes 4 parts of Product Presentation, Technical Application of Gateway, Configuration & setting and network design. Through this meeting IP-COM left further impression to the partners for market development and project promotion. The qualified trainees will get IP-COM Official Certificate Paper and capable to provide solution service of Wireless LAN projects. At the same time we have program of invitation some of excellent trainees to China for high-level course and technical communication. 

IP-COM following trainings will be at cities of Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Bali and Surabaya during May – June, which could cover the most Indonesia territories. We believe in that the successful training can bring half-success of IP-COM at Indonesia market, because one sentence says that we could only well do what we well trained. 

IP-COM will keep the professional training course to worldwide partner and customer so as to building up IP-COM brand together. 

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