W30APV3.0 V2.0.0.3_EN 2016-01-28
W30AP V1.0 upgrade to V2.0
W30AP V2.0.0.12(2562)_EN 2016-01-27
Date 20151216
Compatible with CE standard.
What is new features of V2.0.0.12(2562)
1. separate wireless basic parameters and RF parameters management with AP controller
2. add RSSI limitation,client timeout,username and password options to AP management protocal
3. add management VLAN feature
4. comply with CE Standard

After AP upgrade to this version, please also upgrade AP Controller CW500 or CW1000 to the lastest version.
CW500(V2.1.6.1(4147) or later)
CW1000(V2.0.6.3(4146) or later
W30AP V1.0.3.9_EN 2015-09-24
1.Solve the problem of configuration loss ;
2.Add the rate patch;
3.Add energy-saving mode;
4.Change the default RF bandwidth to 20MHz.