SE3100 V2.0.0.7_EN 2016-01-28
Date 20160105
What is new features of V2.0.0.7
1.add QVLAN and vlan DHCP feature

Can upgrade based on V1.0.0.X directly, but please do not any operate when the device upgrading;
The AC function manage follow AP Model:W30AP、W40AP、W45AP、W175AP、W185AP、AP255、AP305、AP325、AP335、AP355、AP365、AP515;
SE3100 V1.0.0.5_EN 2015-08-01
1.Incorrect upgrade will damage your device.
2.Do not power off the device when upgrading.
3.Please unzip the file you downloaded and use the file ended with "bin" or "trx" to upgrade your device.